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Refections of America

Bob Petillo:
Origins of "Reflections of America"
December 7, 2015

To my family and friends,


Some of you know my personal views about this great country of ours. I feel compelled to express my feelings about being lucky enough to be an American artist. Today, I’m happy to share with you the origins of my “Reflections of America” series of paintings because, today is Pearl Harbor Day.


How did our nation respond to the Pearl Harbor attack? War was declared and the automobile industry in Detroit stopped cold.  It was time to produce the hardware we needed to win the war. Military vehicles, tanks, weapons and war planes were the new priority. Our assembly lines were re-engineered to produce everything and anything we needed to preserve our country. We literally outproduced the enemy.



By time the war ended on both fronts (European and Pacific), we had as much military hardware in surplus as was ever use to do the job. 


The “Reflections of America” series is a tribute to the Detroit Auto Industry.  Detroit saved America, not only in WW2, but WW1 as well.  My paintings in this series show iconic images of America; the America we've enjoyed our whole lives.  No shame about our riches or luxurious fun filled life style. We earned it and shared it with the world.


Reflections of America Gallery

Our Washington Monument

Our Washington Monument 30" X 40"

On The Green

On The Green 30" X 40"

County Fair Car Show            40_ X 30_

County Fair Car Show 40" X 30"

Sedona 2017

Sedona, Arizona 40" X 30"

Shuttle Launch

Shuttle Launch 20" X 32"

God Bless America

God Bless America 17" X 12.5"


Lead East Beauty 18" X 24"


Heroes 20' X 20"

Tom's Diner

Tom's Diner 33' X 25"

 Quincy Market

Quincey Market 24" X 33"

Marching Band

Marching Band 25" X 33"


Montana 27" X 36"

Frankie's Root Beer Stand

Frankie's Root Beer Stand 27" X 36"

The Stadium

The House That Ruth Built 22" X 29"


Silver and Chrome 22" X 30"

American Heartland

American Heartland 25.5" X 34"

Lake Tahoe RoA

Lake Tahoe 22" X 28"

Olds Car Show

Olds Car Show 18" X 24"

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue 14" X 21"


Resolve 28" X 36"


Tenement 48" X 32"

Our Capitol

Our Capitol 24" X 32"


To-Protect-and-Serve 27" X 36"

The Castle

The Castle 24" X 30"

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